Sunday, January 30, 2011

What makes up a modern day photographer?

Holga Trial-1, originally uploaded by Mervin Chiang.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Especially when "turning pro" is something I have been toying in my mind more so in the last month. I've been inspired by the people around me and following quite a few good photographers on Facebook. Sparks have been flying in my head when it comes to marketing, business plans, web design, branding etc, etc... some things that excite me and caused a few nostalgic veins to tingle.

So what really makes up a modern day photographer? With the advent of modern day technology and the information age. How as this "diluted" the once exclusive trade? Being a consultant during my "office hours", it is often an occupational hazard to try and "analyse" this and to do a proper feasibility assessment on my decision. So the first thing that has been lingering in my head is regarding what makes up this photographer that we know these days? And I am not talking about the truly famous ones. I am talking about the part-time students, the stay-home mums, the wannabe IT geeks. How did they "turned-pro"?

First up let's look at my guesses of key characteristics. By percentages?"

20% Good gear
30% Creative eye to see and set the frame
10% Post production creativity
10% Charisma and knowledge on how the "work" the subject
10% Technical knowledge on gear and light
20% Guts & commitment to chase a dream and stick to it!

Are the ratings right?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Great Brisbane Flood Jan 2011

I couldn't resist on the 12th of Jan 2011 when the Brisbane was about to meet of have already met one of its worse flood in 35 years to get out with my camera to take the event. We were told to stay at home where possible, and not add to the load of the traffic and may accidentally become a victim that need saving. But I wanted/needed to try out my journalistic photography instincts and decided to come out to the safest possible site to take some photos.

Even at a relatively "safe" edge of the flood, you can already see the devastation this flood is causing. Many ask, "seeing this what do you feel?" To me honest, I haven't felt the enormity and emotions of it yet. Maybe because I live quite far from "ground zero" but I am sure it will hit over the next few weeks the gravity of the situation. I will be a dilemma to take photos or not. But I hope that I can capture this historical event, its emotions and heroics as they unfold.