Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mountain Scenery with People in it

This type of shot is the hardest to get right. It has a wide dynamic range. The background is of mountains and valleys with a very bright contrast. The foreground has people that want to be also evenly exposed.

If you take it at evaluative metering we'll get a silhouette effect. If you do spot metering the background would be completely white.

The only way I found that might work is to do a bit of fill flash. That means to still use your flash and under power it a bit. However, doing that is still not the best. As you can see in this photo, the background looks like a fake canvas in this case. Not to mention the weird color balance you need to deal with... Hmm...

I tried HDR as well, but it is hard to do that with people...

Anyway, thought I'd document this...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mikaela's 3yo Birthday Cake Making

Eeek! I realised I haven't written anything in a while. Just been too busy with many things at work, family and various activities. Not to mention Mikaela's 3 year old Octonauts birthday!

This is not spam. If you have seen this already, yes, I am posting it again because I am very proud of Kat! If you have missed it here is the video I did again.

I like to do time lapse photography since I'm not very much into videography. This time however, instead of just straight through time lapse, I took some photos with my other camera as well on close ups. Using Animoto, I was able to quickly knock a video together! Awesome!