Thursday, March 1, 2012

Juice Fasting Day 3 - Paused

lol... Guess what? I broke fast after 3 days :P

You can call it an excuse or a trial. Whichever way you see it, I had a lot on this week since it's my last week at my current work place and everyone was "complaining" about how I did not plan this enough... Milk in the fridge, leftovers that needs to be eaten.. etc...

So I decided to stop it after 3 days. Since the literature says that less than 3 days is useless, I decided that 3 days was a good time and a good trial to stop... For now...

How did I go? Well, I did well! Besides the caffeine withdrawals and also the gas discomfort in my stomach, I was OK. I notice, I get it the hardest around 5-6pm and had to take a lie down. However, I was already starting to feel energised and feel better by the afternoon of day 3.

Will I go again. Absolutely! I just need a better recipe for the vege juice. It still tastes a little ... erm.. yuks!