Monday, February 27, 2012

Juice Fasting Day 1 - Mixed Feelings

Headache, gas in stomach, tired comes to mind if I were to summarise today.

Honestly, I was really tempted to give up around 5-6pm today when I got home. Started thinking about noodles and the nice fish Kat had in the steamer :(

A quick power nap slept that feeling off. I'm OK for now... Constipation has set in. Might have to start looking at fibre supplements.

You know what's the weirdest part? The key motivation currently when all else mentally fails is financial! When I'm wrestling within myself to give up or not, the only thing left besides health, detox, etc.. was the fact that I've spent so much on this idea already, I better see it through. Otherwise there will be no ROI! W0ot? :P Talk about being a consultant for too long 0.o

Also a few final notes-to-self...
  • Slow juicer really has a lot more pulp left in the juice than cyclonic juicers. Needed to strain in the end. 
  • Need to get rid of the lemon and lime skin more. It makes the drink go more bitter as the juice keeps longer.
About the photo for today... It is actually the end of a beetroot :P I thought it represented my brain at the moment... totally smashed with a splitting headache...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Juice Fasting Day 0 - Preparation

Juice Fasting Images 001, a photo by Mervin Chiang on Flickr.
Well, as the title suggests, I am starting a 10 day Juice Fast. I watched Joe Cross' documentary "FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD" (his website) and got inspired.

As mentioned here, there are many good reasons why I should try doing it. More resources here:

p.s. Just in case you were wondering why am I putting this on my photography blog, well... I don't have anywhere else to put it and I was lazy to start another one :P

Let's see how long I keep this up, both the fasting and the blogging on the experience :P