Monday, December 13, 2010

HDR Photography

LC Xmas Meeting 2010-1, originally uploaded by Mervin Chiang.

Finally, one of the rarer few photos I am proud of. Took this at a company conference at Port Stephens. I wanted to do a HDR on it. I've stocked up quite a few HDR photos but haven't tried doing one until now. Finally got around getting a software recommended by Ben called Dynamic-Photo HDR 4.7 and it's awesome!

I am a bit worried about the quality when blown up though. My boss wants to blow it up and put it in the office. Hopefully it works. I took the 3 shots freehanded so there may be some blurness when zoomed in.

Anyway, more HDR to come!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cleaning the 7D sensor...

Taken at Port Stephens, originally uploaded by Mervin Chiang.

... It's like performing open heart surgery!! I got some cheapo swabs from Hong Kong and tried my first had at cleaning the sensor. What a nerve wrecking job. I basically moved the dust around. The liquid on the swab left marks and I had to use something else to clean it. The sensor is still not entirely good yet. I think I'll have to go the digital camera warehouse soon to get the proper sensor cleaning kit with fitting swabs and better liquid to clean it with. Sigh...

BTW, the blower method of cleaning the sensor don't really work if you had stubborn dust... not even the rocket :(